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 NEW LIGHT / NEW HOPE is the name of the Preaching Ministry of Pastor Carlos Peterson.
The series seen here as well as others are available through DVDs or CDs by contacting Christ Community Church by phone or email.

 Ever feel like you are at a dead end in life . . . or even at a fork in the road with the need to take a different direction from the one you now travel? But which way? Looking at the life of Solomon through the book of Ecclesiastes, we focus on the 'roads' he took and where they led him . . . and the conclusions he formed. Through this series we learn how to find God's direction that leads to a life of meaning and purpose.



 WAIT! . . .Before you form an opinion about this series of messages . . . think about it. Yes, God Is Real . . . and He is actively involved in everything that concerns us. The question is are we living as though God were real . . . or just living as we please.

A well-known Christian song as, 'If we are The Body' . . . and then goes on to suggest Then Why are His Hands Not Reaching . . . His Feet Not Going? That is the essence of this searching question: If God Were Real.

 So many begin a new year with good intentions: to get into shape by getting fit. Getting Fit in by losing weight or by developing a stronger body is admirable and maybe even a spiritual matter, but their is more. The Bible encourages us to become fit in our spiritual lives as well as in our physical bodies.

These messages will help you to grow more 'fit' in all aspects of your life as you grow to understand God's plan and purpose for your life. Learn how to apply God's Word and develop a strong prayer life along with other tools that will make you "FIT FOR LIFE."



 The Other Side of the Mountain focuses on the life and ministry of Abraham who experienced first hand the closeness of God as God led him through several tests of faith to understand 'who God is.'

Everything God brings to us or allows to come into our lives is to reveal more of Himself to us . . . so that we can come to know Him better. These series of messages open the Scripture to help us understand Who God is and what He wants to do in our lives to glorify Himself as the Lord of Life.

 God created marriage, family and home to compliment our lives not to destroy us in the process. It is we who have messed up Gods plan . . . His DIVINE DESIGN. The way to restore this most important and most intimate of relationships is to come to understand His intent and purpose in creating the family and begin to take the necessary steps to restore those relationships . . . One Home At A Time. You can have the kind of home God desires if you are willing to follow His design and put into practice the principles He reveals through His Word.



 Through these messages we are looking at the principles that relate to those special moments when God comes into our lives in a dynamic way. Those times when we experience the presence and work of God that changes us forever.

Alister McGrath, in 'Understanding Doctrine' wrote, Christianity is not, and never has been, about finding the right combination of words! It is about encountering the living and loving God. It is understanding that encounter and where we go after that encounter we will focus on. God's Word is the story of God's encounter with His creations. Discover how to live after a life-changing encounter with God.

This series of sermons entitled “No More Excuses” focuses on specific Bible characters who made excuses to God and the effects these decisions had on their lives. From them we learn how not to make the same mistakes . . . and learn how to turn our lives around.

These are challenging times in which we live that demand more than we often are willing to give. But it’s time to step up and respond to the call of God in our lives. . . to step and take your place. No more lost opportunities . . . NO MORE EXCUSES.



 The Treasure Principle is a series of messages around the theme of determining our personal attitudes about money and the things we 'treasure' in life. The Bible says "Where your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will be also."

The principle is expressed by Randy Alcorn as "You can't take it with you; but you can send it on ahead." Come and discover how you can develop the right spirit and behavior about giving as God intended.

 The world is in a mess. Does anyone doubt this? But the mess does not excuse living in a way that honors God and reflects His glory through us. Using the title from David Jeremiah's latest book, we are going to learn how to face this new year from God's perspective, and live from His Presence in us to reveal His life to a hurting, broken world. Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World looks at First Peter and his letter to the Christians who were facing a chaotic world. Through his letter we learn the basics for living with confidence when everything around us seems to be falling apart. It is challenge for believers today


   This series of messages is entitled WE ARE FAMILY! Over the seven weeks we WORK ON UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A FAMILY And HOW WE CAN BECOME THE FAMILY GOD CALLS US TO BE. There are TWO GOALS during this series: 1) TO DEEPEN THE SENSE Of LOVE And COMMUNITY WITHIN OUR CHURCH; and 2) TO REACH OUT TO THE COMMUNITY AROUND OUR CHURCH. These are demanding times that call us a church to grow in fellowship and relationship as God's Family. Learn what that can mean for you.
 WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? For too many people these words WORLD- VIEW have NO MEANING. . . . BUT in TRUTH WE ALL HAVE A WORLD VIEW. Del Tackett from FOCUS On The FAMILY says, “A world view is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of the world. It is any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God, the world and man’s relations to God and the world.” IS A WORLD VIEW IMPORTANT? Certainly because it incorporates everything we believe, why we believe it, and how it affects how we live. It is important to not just HAVE and UNDERSTAND YOUR WORLD VIEW, But To ALSO DEVELOP a BIBLICAL /CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW: SEEING LIFE From GODS POINT Of VIEW.


   What do you struggle with in life? Relationships? Children? Marriage? Money or the lack of it? Job . . . Career . . . Layoffs . . . Downsizing? Or maybe your struggles are much more intense: Truth . . . Authority . . . Purity . . . Integrity . . . or Personal Peace and Contentment. Life is a struggle. And sometimes we can feel as if we are left to handle our struggles alone. But that is not true. The Bible reveals God's involvement in every area of our lives, even, or especially in our struggles. In the Ten Commandments God addresses the greatest struggles we encounter in life. This series will focus on how God helps you overcome the 10 Greatest Struggles Of Your life.
 Meeting Needs / Sharing Christ is a perspective on how an individual and more importantly, a church, views its purpose and ministry in the world. Based on the principles set forth in the book by Donald Atkinson and Charles Roesel, this series of messages challenges the church to get outside the protective walls of the church and actively touch lives personally at their point of need - because the need is genuine - and then use that experience as an opportunity to introduce that person to Jesus. Follow the progress of these six sermons that invite believers to join God and other believers in Meeting Needs and Sharing Christ.


  Everyone has stress in life . . . in fact stress is an evidence of life. But the problem is how we respond to stress. Using the most well known and beloved Psalm 23, this series looks at how David learned to handle the stress of life by trusting in The Lord as his Shepherd. The principles he learned to live by are just as valid for us today. We too can develop a trusting relationship with Jesus as our Shepherd and live a less stressful life.
  Ever feel like you are at a dead end in life . . . or even at a fork in the road with the need to take a different direction from the one you now travel? But which way? Looking at the life of Solomon through the book of Ecclesiastes, we focus on the 'roads' he took and where they led him . . . and the conclusions he formed. Through this series we learn how to find God's direction that leads to a life of meaning and purpose.

 Using this variation on the title from a popular television series this series of messages reveal God's strategy for developing healthy families in a broken world. Desperate Households is a series about life, love and marriage; going beneath the surface to consider the struggles that every married couple faces…with life, relationships, everyday struggles, communication, sex and raising kids.
 This series of sermons is an in depth look at a portion of the Sermon On The Mount known as the Beatitudes. These have been referred to as the principles that reflect the behavior of those who follow Christ as believers. Jesus does not make casual suggestions but rather presents strict demands on those who would follow Him - "No Spin." Using the contemporary news program - The O'Reilly Factor - this series looks at how to live an uncompromising life in a compromising world.

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