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 January 07, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Vision Sunday"
 January 14, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Fasting And Prayer"
 January 21, 2018  PLAY AUDIO "Hunger For God"
 January 28, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Who Is This Jesus"
 February 4, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "The Wonder Of Jesus"
 February 11, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Tithes, Offerings, And Jesus Our High Priest"
 February 18, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Becoming Love"
 February , 2018  N/A Audio Error  "Becoming Love" part 2
 March 4, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Becoming_Love" part 3
 March 11, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Becoming_Love" part 4
 March 18, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "The Finished Work of the Cross" part 1
 March 25, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "The Finished Work of the Cross" part 2
 April 1, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "The Real Meaning of the Resurrection"
 April 08, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  "Walking like him"
 April 15, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  
 April 22, 2018  PLAY AUDIO  

Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.
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