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 August 27, 2017  N/A Audio Error   "The Nature of Man"
 September 3, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "What does Baptism REALLY mean"
 September 10, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "You are Loved by Jesus"
 September 17, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "The Power of our Words"
 September 24, 2017  PLAY AUDIO   Shane Arnold
 October 1, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "The Goodness of God" pt-1
 October 8, 2017  PLAY AUDIO "The Goodness of God" pt-2
 October 15, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "The Goodness of God" pt-3
 October 22, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "The Goodness of God" pt-4
 October 29, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "The Goodness of God" pt-5
 November 5, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "Position Ourselves for Revival"
 November 12, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "Hearing God for Yourself"_pt-1
 November 19, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "Hearing God for Yourself"_pt-2
 November 26, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "Hearing God: How He Speaks"_pt3
 December 03, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "Hearing God For Yourself" pt-4
December 10, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  "What is TRUE Love"
 December 17, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  
 December 24, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  
 December 31, 2017  PLAY AUDIO  

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