Core Values


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6:30PM Bible study
 1. God wants to speak with us more than we want to listen. 
 2. God loved us before we loved Him. He never stops loving us.

 3. Fear is not part of God’s love, therefore, it should not be a part of our  
 4. We are a chosen, holy, and royal people and we value others and ourselves
as precious possessions of God. 
 5. We are to overcome and overpower anything evil that is against us. We are never victims of circumstance. 

 6. The devil is behind all the bad stuff in the world. He is evil but, we overcome and destroy his works with good. It’s never people we are at war with.    
 7. We are God’s sons and daughters and He tells us secrets. We are born to rule through the power of the Kingdom of God and His love. 
 8. Signs and wonders are to follow all believers, not just a few special people.
 9. We have inherited the divine nature of God and grow in the fruit of the Spirit as we embrace an intimate relationship with him.
 10. God has plans for our welfare and blessings. He has no plans for calamity  in our life.